Making Earrings with Mod Melts

How was everyone’s weekend? I spent most of mine crafting with my new favorite thing, Mod Melts. On Saturday, we went to the craft store to get some mason jars. So of course I had to check out everything else they had, you know, just in case I found something I couldn’t live without. While I was in the decoupage and paint section (because I remembered I needed some more glossy Mod Podge), I came across Mod Melts. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about them so I decided to pick some up and give them a try!

DIY Mod Melts Bluebird Earrings

For those of you who don’t know what Mod Melts are, they are sticks similar to hot glue sticks, and you put them in your hot glue gun just like you would regular hot glue. But instead of using them as an adhesive, you use a silicone mold to make cool little shapes. I got the nature mold because it has an owl. :) It also has birds, a nest, and butterflies.

So after I had made a bunch of little birds, butterflies, and owls, I needed to figure out something to do with them.


I started by painting them with acrylic paint.


I didn’t really care for the matte finish of the paint, so I covered everything with a coat of my glossy Mod Podge.


I decided to make some earrings out of the two blue birds. I got out my E6000 and my earring posts and put some glue on both the posts and the back of the birds.

DSCF0785 DSCF0788

I let the glue dry overnight, and the next day I had a cute pair of bluebird earrings!


Oh, and if you’re wondering what I made with my other little creatures, I turned them into charms for a charm bracelet. Here’s a cool tutorial for that using a different Mod Melts mold.


Stay tuned for more Mod Melts projects!


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