Weird Shaped Cabochons, or a Copper and Turquoise Pendant

Occasionally, I get a package in the mail from a fellow crafter I know who will send me supplies that she hasn’t used and doesn’t want anymore. I love it because it’s gotten me to expand my horizons with jewelry making. I was a little stumped, however, when I came across these three turquoise cabochons.


They are very oddly shaped and kind of dinged up in places. They definitely wouldn’t fit in my bezel rings, and they weren’t drilled like all my other beads that I can put on a headpin or wire wrap. I was stumped.

I started rummaging through my jewelry supplies, and came across this pendant that my husband bought for my birthday last year that he ended up not using. It was part of one of those kits where you place a picture or something in the pendant and then cover it with the supplied plastic film thingy.


Since it has a copper finish, I thought it would look great with the turquoise. I’ve always thought copper and turquoise went well together, probably because I’ve spent most of my life in the Southwest. Walk into any touristy gift shop in Arizona and you are bound to find turquoise and copper jewelry (copper is one of the five C’s of Arizona. Just a little bit of trivia for you).

Anyway, back to this project…I had a plan for my weird little cabochons. I got out my trusty E6000 and started gluing away. I put glue on each cabochon and three separate dots on the pendant in the approximate areas of where I thought they would go.


Then I placed the turquoise pieces fairly randomly on the pendant. Fortunately, this glue doesn’t set immediately and I was able to wiggle them around until they all fit properly in the pendant. Then I used a toothpick to clean up the excess glue. There was a lot, but at least those things are stuck on forever!

Here’s how it turned out after I added the chain and clasp:



What would you have done if you had these turquoise cabochons in your collection?

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2 thoughts on “Weird Shaped Cabochons, or a Copper and Turquoise Pendant

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