Vintage Sale Items

Here are some more items that have been marked down in my Etsy shop, featuring vintage charms and pendants. This is the last time they will be relisted, so get them before they’re gone! You can click on the photos to see them on Etsy.

Lucky Hex Charm Earrings with Red Beads

Lucky Hex Charm Earrings with Red Beads

Lucky Hex Charm Earrings with Jasper Beads

Lucky Hex Charm Earrings with Jasper Beads

Black and Silver Vintage Pendant Necklace with Black Jasper and Glass Beads

Black and Silver Vintage Pendant Necklace with Black Jasper and Glass Beads

Vintage Green Stone and Goldtone Key Necklace

Vintage Green Stone and Goldtone Key Necklace

New in the Shop: Pom Poms!

I finally finished that statement-necklace-work-in-progress that I told you about last week! Pom pom trim seems to be a big trend right now, and I have tons of it laying around, so I thought I’d make a fun pom pom necklace! I paired some emerald green pom pom trim with that chunky chain I have and attached it with navy blue thread. I really like the color combination of navy blue and green; it’s a nice pop of color without being too overbearing. Although, this necklace isn’t for people who like the dainty stuff. :) Click on the photo to see it on Etsy!


That’s all I’ve got for this week; I haven’t been making jewelry as much because I’m focusing on finishing my first baby blanket! Not for me, for those of you getting ideas, it’s for a friend. :) I’ll make sure to post photos when it’s done!

A Day Out with Thomas

As much as Penny whines about missing California, I think she really does like it here. Case in point: there is the Illinois Railway Museum, and Penny loves trains. And they were doing a special event with Thomas the Tank Engine. Penny loves Thomas, so we thought this would be a fun event to do as a family. They never had this back in California! Well, they probably did, somewhere, but I never heard about it until now.

Penny’s motion-sickness medicine kind of made her act like a sullen teenager, but she assured me she still had a good time. And this desert native finally understands what real humidity is (for the record, I prefer oppressive humidity to oppressive heat. So that pretty much throws “But it’s a dry heat!” out the window). But, we all got through it without suffering from heat exhaustion, and it was fun to see a bit of Illinois railway history.

My favorite part was walking through some vintage passenger cars and a dining car. It reminded me of White Christmas, when they’re on the train to Vermont. It seems like such a cool way to travel, but then I remembered that I’m an impatient person and should probably just stick to flying and watching White Christmas.

We also got to see some model trains, and there was a play area for kids to play with train sets, color, even get temporary tattoos!

But the highlight of our day was going on a ride with Thomas. Penny was sooooo excited (in her drug-induced-stupor sort of way). :)

I think I’d like to go back to the museum sometime when it’s not so hot and when Thomas isn’t there so we can see some of the other exhibits. It looked like there was a lot to do, but we just didn’t have time to see it all.

What are some of your favorite museums/historic sites?

New in the Shop: One New and One on Sale

I only made one new item this week, well, one and a half because one is still in progress. So that item will have to wait till next week. And the only reason I made the one item I completed was because I was getting tired of the work-in-progress one. It’s pretty tedious work (you’ll see why when it’s done), but I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Anyway, back to this week’s new item. I bought some chunky curb link chain to play around with as I’ve had some jewelry ideas that required something a little thicker than the chain I usually keep on hand. Since I’ve been focusing on necklaces lately, I thought I’d make a bracelet. I found some dyed blue chalcedony in my stash, so I lined up all the different shades in order from lightest to darkest to give it an ombre effect. I paired the strand of chalcedony with the chunky chain to make it a double-strand bracelet. You can click on the photo to see the listing on Etsy.

Ombre Blue Chalcedony Bracelet

Ombre Blue Chalcedony Bracelet

I also put an item on sale this week. This is one of my favorite vintage/upcycled items, so it will definitely be going in my personal collection if it doesn’t sell. If you like it as much as I do, get it while you can!

Vintage Tiger Eye and Gold Key Necklace

Vintage Tiger Eye and Gold Key Necklace

Stay tuned for a fun statement necklace (the aforementioned work in progress) next week!

My Life Lately

My family and I haven’t been on any adventures in the past few weeks (that’ll change this weekend), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Here are some pics from Instagram of what I’ve been up to lately:


I finally got my own office chair! My husband and I have been fighting over sharing one folding chair for quite some time, and I really wanted something with wheels so I could scoot across the craft room when I needed something. This chair is just what I was looking for!


I’m hoping we can get back to this pretty forest preserve near our apartment for either a picnic or a stroll. We only stopped here for a few minutes when Penny needed some fresh air (she gets carsick easily).


My yarn collection has grown so much I had to get a new basket to keep it in! And of course, I’ve added more yarn to it since this picture was taken. I’ve got lots of projects to get to work on!


This is the side of one of the apartment buildings in our complex. I just thought it looked so pretty.


I got pretty excited when I saw all the fall decor at the craft store. :)


I originally took this photo to show off a cool paper bead necklace from Sisters United, but it’s also shows off my first t-shirt refashion. My good friend in Phoenix sent me the tutorial, and we each spent a Saturday turning some old t-shirts into tank tops. Nothing like a cross-country sewing session!


I read a book for the first time in forever! (Great, now I have that song from Frozen stuck in my head.) This is a terrific book that takes a realistic look at what life could be like in a dystopian not-so-distant future. I would highly recommend it, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What have you been up to lately?

New in the Shop: A Little Bit of Everything

My new items for this week really are a little bit of everything. I’ve done a couple of glass vials, a little wire wrapping, and some fun post earrings.

You may remember last week’s glass vial necklace tutorial; for those of you who aren’t into the whole DIY thing, I’ve listed a couple for you! One is the tourmaline vial that you saw in the tutorial, and the other has blue glass beads and a couple of tiny trinkets. You can click on any of the photos see the listings on Etsy.



I’ve had this pretty piece of chrysocolla sitting around, waiting for me to make something with it. I thought of pairing it with another gemstone, but I thought it looked great on its own. I simply wrapped it in copper wire and put it on a long antiqued copper chain.


I like these post earrings so much, I’ve already made three pairs for myself! I know everyone’s seen these resin dahlias all over the place, but I just couldn’t resist these cute neon flowers. The listing is for one pair of earrings, and you get to pick the color! You can choose from turquoise, hot pink, gray, chartreuse, and orange.


I have no idea what I’ll have for next week, but stay tuned!



More Sale Items

I’ve added a few more items to the sale section of my shop. These probably will not be relisted, so get them while you can! You can click the links below the pictures to see the listings on Etsy.


Upcycled Nautical Heart and Anchor Necklace


Faux Turquoise Horizontal Necklace


Navy Blue Vintage Button Wrap Bracelet

Tomorrow I’ll have some new items to share with you!